Fico, Robert (Slovakia)

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Robert Fico became prime minister for a second time after his Direction–Social Democracy (Smer–SD) party achieved outright victory in legislative elections held in March 2012 and he retained the premiership following further parliamentary polling in March2016. He sought to lead Slovakia into closer fiscal co-operation with the European Union. He resigned as prime minister in March 2018 and was succeeded by Peter Pellegrini.

Early Life

Robert Fico was born in Topol’čany, Czechoslovakia on 15 Sept. 1964. After studying law at Comenius University in Bratislava, he obtained a PhD in criminal law from the Slovak Academy of Sciences. On finishing military service in 1986 he worked for the law institute of the ministry of justice until 1995, holding the post of deputy director from 1992.

Career Peak

In 2013 Fico declared his candidacy for the presidential election scheduled for March 2014. Although he received the highest share of the vote in the first round, he was defeated in...

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