Faulkner, Brian (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)

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Brian Faulkner, an Ulster Unionist, was prime minister of Northern Ireland from 1971–72. His tenure was marked by an increase in sectarian violence. He was responsible for the introduction of the controversial policy of internment (arrest without trial), an attempt to destroy the Irish Republican Army (IRA) which impacted almost exclusively on Roman Catholics. He and his government resigned, heralding the end of Northern Ireland’s own parliament and the beginning of direct rule from Westminster.

Early Life

Arthur Brian Deane Faulkner was born on 18 Feb. 1921 in County Down and went on to study at Queen’s University, Belfast. After several years as a businessman he entered the Northern Ireland parliament (Stormont) as the Unionist member for East Down. By 1956 he was chief whip and three years later he was appointed minister of home affairs. In 1963 he moved to the ministry of commerce, encouraging several multi-national companies to invest in the region.

In early 1969...

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