Eyeghe Ndong, Jean (Gabon)

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Jean Eyeghe Ndong was appointed prime minister in Jan. 2006. The French-educated civil servant and politician was a member of the ruling Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG) and an ally of the then president, Omar Bongo, who ruled the country between 1967 and 2009. Following Bongo’s death, Ndong resigned in July 2009 to run in the presidential election scheduled for Aug.

Early Life

Jean Eyeghe Ndong was born on 12 Feb. 1946 in Libreville, Gabon, then part of the federation of French Equatorial Africa. A nephew of Leon M’ba, Gabon’s first post-independence president, he was educated at l’École Mont-Fort, Libreville, followed by the Collège Saint-Gabriel de Mouila and the Collège Moderne d’Oyem. He studied for a diploma at the School of Social Sciences in Paris in the early 1960s and subsequently obtained a doctorate in political science from the University of Paris X-Nanterre.

Entering Gabon’s public administration in 1980 as a civil servant, Ndong worked as director of...

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