Erdenebat, Jargaltulgyn (Mongolia)

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Jargaltulgyn Erdenebat, a former finance minister, was sworn in as prime minister in July 2016.

Early Life

Erdenebat was born on 17 June 1973 in the Mandal district of Selenge province, in northern Mongolia. He graduated from the Institute of Trade and Industry in 1995 before starting work as an accountant. He held several managerial roles in local government and was governor of Selenge from 2008–12. As a member of the Mongolian People’s Party, he became a member of parliament at the 2012 election. From 2014–15 he served as minister of finance, in which post he oversaw the expansion of the country’s mining operations.

He contested the 2016 general election on a platform of fiscal discipline and economic stabilization, against a backdrop of declining economic indicators. Direct foreign investment in Mongolia had fallen as a result of declining commodity prices for copper and coal, spiralling national debt and a weakening currency.

Career Peak

Erdenebat was sworn in as prime...

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