Al-Hasi, Omar (Libya)

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On 25 Aug. 2014 the Islamist-dominated former General National Congress (GNC) appointed Omar al-Hasi as prime minister. This direct challenge to the elected House of Representatives left Libya with two rival governments, with al-Hasi’s administration unrecognized by the wider international community but in control of large swathes of the country.

Early Life

Omar al-Hasi was a lecturer of political science at the University of Benghazi before he entered politics. A candidate for the premiership at the intended election of 29 April 2014, which was postponed when gunman stormed parliament, he was defeated by Ahmed Maiteeq in the rescheduled vote on 5 May.

In the ensuing political deadlock and amid fighting for control of the capital, Tripoli, the outgoing GNC reconvened with the attendance of 94 politicians, the minimum required for a recall of parliament. It appointed al-Hasi as premier and mandated him to form a ‘salvation government’.

Career Peak

Against a backdrop of...

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