Drnovšek, Janez (Slovenia)

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Janez Drnovšek became Slovenia’s president in Dec. 2002. He was independent Slovenia’s first prime minister from 1992–2002, except for a brief period in opposition in 2000. Along with his presidential predecessor, Milan Kučan, he oversaw political and economic reforms resulting in entry into NATO and the European Union in 2004. Drnovšek decided not to stand for re-election, and on 23 Dec. 2007 formally handed over presidential duties to the newly-elected Danilo Türk.

Early Life

Drnovšek was born on 17 May 1950 in Celje. He studied monetary policy at the University of Maribor and worked in the banking sector before entering politics in the 1980s. Following Slovenia’s democratic elections of 1989, Drnovšek was appointed Slovenian representative to the rotating presidency of Federal Yugoslavia. He was president of the collective presidency for a year until May 1990, during which time he headed the Non-Alignment Movement, which rejected association with either the USA or the...

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