Djohar, Saïd Mohamed (Comoros)

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Saïd Mohamed Djohar became interim head of state in Nov. 1989 after the death of Ahmed Abdallah Abdereman and the subsequent coup led by the mercenary, Bob Denard. Djohar was president from 1990–95.

Early Life

Djohar was born in the 1920s but little is known of his early life.

Career Peak

Following the death of Abdallah, Denard and the Garde Presidentielle (PG, Presidential Guard) installed Djohar as head of state. Djohar created a provisional government until elections of Feb. 1990, which were marred by accusations of fraud. In March 1990, Djohar was elected president with 55.3% of the votes. In Aug. 1991 the president of the Supreme Court announced the dismissal of Djohar on the grounds of negligence after which Djohar imposed a state of emergency.

International reaction was strong. France and South Africa (believed to have been the principal funders of the PG), cut off aid to the country and demanded Denard leave the country. He went to Pretoria, although a French...

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