De Oliveira Salazar, António (Portugal)

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António de Oliveira Salazar was prime minister of Portugal between 1932–68. He created the Estado Novo (New State), an authoritarian constitution over which he maintained complete control.

Early Life

Salazar was born on 28 April 1889 at Santa Comba Dão, near Coimbra in central Portugal. The son of a farmer he was educated from 1900 at the Viseu seminary before studying economics at the Universidade de Coimbra. Graduating in 1914, Salazar began an academic career at the University becoming its professor of economics in 1918. The following year Salazar co-founded the Centro Academico para la Democracia Crista (Academic Centre for Christian Democracy) in opposition to anticlerical republican parties of the First Republic. In 1921 Salazar served a year in the national assembly before returning to academic life.

Following a military coup in 1926, Salazar was appointed finance minister. Disagreements over the amount of control granted to Salazar led him to resign after 5 days....

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