De la Madrid Hurtado, Miguel (Mexico)

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Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado was president of Mexico between 1982–8, representing the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (Institutional Revolutionary Party; PRI). During his presidency de la Madrid attempted to correct the country’s economic crisis his predecessor had left behind. He sought to change the tradition of corruption within the party.

Early Life

Born in Colima on the Pacific coast on 12 Dec. 1934, Miguel de la Madrid moved to Mexico City at the age of two following the death of his father. In 1957 he graduated from the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico (National Autonomous University; UNAM) in the capital with a degree in law and subsequently studied at Harvard University. Graduating in 1965 with a master’s in public administration, de la Madrid went to work as an advisor for the National Bank of Foreign Commerce and then for the Bank of Mexico. He also lectured in law at the UNAM; one of his pupils was his successor Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

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