The Russian Challenge to the European Security Environment, Roger Kanet

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The most recent of a series of Palgrave publications on Russian foreign policy edited or coedited by Roger E. Kanet, The Russian Challenge to the European Security Environment, brings together a group of established scholars from Russia and the West. They trace the deterioration of East-West relations and Russia’s growing challenge to the European security order in place for the past quarter century. Although the story that the authors tell of these changing relations varies somewhat, it generally departs from the dominant Western narrative in distributing the blame for the deterioration on both the West and Russia. During the 1990s, when Russia was attempting to adjust to its new and reduced post-Soviet status and seemed willing to join with the West, the Europe and the USA generally ignored Russia’s interests and expanded their own involvement into what had been the Soviet sphere of domination. This expansionist approach culminated in the middle of the 2000s with the extension of...

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