The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-imperialism, Zak Cope

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In today’s world, devastating conflicts rage across the countries of the global South in the context of long drawn out economic stagnation and looming global recession. Many people around the world are now questioning whether the stated objectives of the richest and most powerful countries involved—namely humanitarian interventionism and the responsibility to protect—are not simply cover stories for their pursuit of commercial, industrial, financial and military hegemony. In short, the word ‘imperialism’ is becoming more and more a part of the critical lexicon of those concerned with international affairs.

We are now more than a century after the outbreak of the First World War, when economic crisis manifested by overproduction, falling rates of profit, and declining mass consumption led to conflict over preferential trade agreements, tariff barriers, trade routes, protected markets for investments and manufactures, and raw materials sources. The First and Second World Wars were at...

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