From China with Love

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For the Western democracies, the Chinese economic miracle is a mixed blessing. In his new book, Myths, Politicians and Money, Bryan Gould puts up some warning signals.

In the West, of course, dominated as we are by the Anglo-American model of capitalism, a close relationship between government and the private sector is regarded as anathema. The Western view has been that the best thing government can do for industry is to ‘get off our backs’. Government intervention is almost invariably seen as unhelpful; second-guessing an infallible market, it is said, will always produce worse results than if it had been left to itself.

There can hardly be a starker contrast than with the approach followed by the Chinese government. To explore that contrast, and to ask the obvious questions, is not to endorse or commend all the Chinese have done and are doing. But it is surely prudent to recognize that the Chinese have achieved an economic performance that is already world-beating and is likely to...


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