Trinidad and Tobago

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
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  • Capital: Port of Spain

  • Population estimate, 2015: 1.36 m.

  • GNI per capita, 2014: (PPP$) 26,090

  • HDI/world rank, 2014: 0.772/64=

  • Internet domain extension: .tt

Civil Aviation

There is an international airport at Port of Spain (Piarco) and in Tobago (A. N. R. Robinson International Airport). In 2012 Piarco handled 2,724,888 passengers (1,723,835 on international flights) and 53,935 tonnes of freight. The national carrier is Caribbean Airlines, which has flights to 11 international destinations as well as operating domestic services. In 2012 scheduled airline traffic of Trinidad and Tobago-based carriers flew 52.8 m. km; passenger-km totalled 9.2 bn. in the same year.


A tropical climate cooled by the northeast trade winds. The dry season runs from Jan. to June, with a wet season for the rest of the year. Temperatures are uniformly high the year round. Port of Spain, Jan. 76.3 °F (24.6 °C), July 79.2 °F (26.2 °C). Annual rainfall 1,870 mm.

Constitution and Government


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