Ripublik Naoero (Republic of Nauru)
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  • Population estimate, 2015: 10,000

  • GDP per capita, 2014: US$17,857

  • Internet domain extension: .nr

Civil Aviation

The only airport is Nauru International Airport. The national carrier, Nauru Airlines, is a wholly-owned government subsidiary. In 2017 it flew to Brisbane, Honiara, Majuro, Nadi, Pohnpei and Tarawa.


A tropical climate, tempered by sea breezes, but with a high and irregular rainfall, averaging 82″ (2,060 mm). Average temperature, Jan. 81 °F (27.2 °C), July 82 °F (27.8 °C). Annual rainfall 75″ (1,862 mm).

Constitution and Government

A Legislative Council was inaugurated on 31 Jan. 1966. The constitution was promulgated on 29 Jan. 1968 and was amended on 17 May 1968. A 19-member Parliament (18 prior to the June 2013 election) is elected on a 3-yearly basis.


The Australian dollar is in use.


In 2010 an estimated 79.0% of the population were Christians according to the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life, 8.1% folk religionists and 4.5% religiously unaffiliated.


There is a sealed road circling the island 19 km long, plus other roads running inland.


Deep offshore moorings can accommodate medium-size vessels. Shipping coming to the island consists of vessels under charter to the phosphate industry or general purpose vessels bringing cargo by way of imports.

Social Statistics

2011 births, 370; deaths, 75. Infant deaths (2007), 12. Annual population growth rate, 1998–2008, 0.1%; fertility rate, 2008, 2.9 births per woman.


There were 6,800 main telephone lines in operation in 2012.

Territory and Population

Nauru is a coral island surrounded by a reef situated 0.32′ S. lat. and 166° 56′ E. long. Area, 21.2 km2 (8.2 sq. miles). At the 2011 census the population (provisional) totalled 10,084 (5,105 males). Population density, 476 per km2. In 2011, 94% of the population were indigenous Nauruans. The de facto capital is Yaren.

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