Dawlat Libya (State of Libya)
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  • Capital: Tripoli

  • Population estimate, 2015: 6.28 m.

  • GNI per capita, 2014: (PPP$) 21,666

  • HDI/world rank, 2014: 0.724/94=

  • Internet domain extension: .ly

Civil Aviation

The UN ban on air traffic to and from Libya enforced since April 1992 was lifted in April 1999 following the handing over for trial of two suspected Lockerbie bombers. The national flag carrier, Libyan Airlines, was grounded in March 2011 as a result of the Libyan revolution but has now resumed operations. However, in Dec. 2014 all Libya-based carriers were added to the EU aviation safety blacklist, which either banned or restricted Libyan airlines from operating in the European Union.


The coastal region has a warm temperate climate, with mild wet winters and hot dry summers, although most of the country suffers from aridity. Tripoli, Jan. 52 °F (11.1 °C), July 81 °F (27.2 °C). Annual rainfall 16″ (400 mm). Benghazi, Jan. 56 °F (13.3 °C), July 77 °F (25 °C). Annual rainfall 11″ (267 mm).

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