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  • Capital: Dublin

  • Population estimate, 2015: 4.69 m.

  • GNI per capita, 2014: (PPP$) 39,568

  • HDI/world rank, 2014: 0.916/6=

  • Internet domain extension: .ie

Civil Aviation

Aer Lingus and Ryanair are the two major airlines operating in Ireland. Aer Lingus was founded in 1936 as a State-owned enterprise. It was privatized in 2006 and was bought in 2015 by International Airlines Group (IAG), the owner of British Airways. In the year ended 31 March 2012 Ryanair carried 75.8 m. passengers (all on international flights); revenue passenger-km totalled 94.3 bn. In addition to Aer Lingus and Ryanair, there are 13 other independent air transport operators. Dublin, the busiest airport, is operated by the Dublin Airport Authority plc as is Cork, the second busiest; Shannon, the third busiest, used to be as well but has been a publicly owned commercial airport operated and run by the Shannon Airport Authority plc since the beginning of 2013. In 2012 Dublin handled 19.1 m. passengers (an increase...

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