Jomhuri-e-Eslami-e-Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran)
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  • Capital: Tehran

  • Population estimate, 2015: 79.11 m.

  • GNI per capita, 2014: (PPP$) 15,440

  • HDI/world rank, 2014: 0.766/69=

  • Internet domain extension: .ir

Civil Aviation

There are international airports at Tehran (Mehrabad), Shiraz and Bandar-e-Abbas. Tehran is the busiest airport, in 2014 handling 13,617,094 passengers. The Imam Khomeini International Airport, construction of which began in 1977 before being halted in 1979, was inaugurated in Feb. 2004. The first flight arrived at the airport in May 2004 but it was then shut down by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, citing breaches of security by the foreign operators. The state-owned IranAir is the flag-carrying airline. In 2012 scheduled airline traffic of Iranian-based carriers flew 105.4 m. km; passenger-km totalled 13.6 bn. in the same year.


Mainly a desert climate, but with more temperate conditions on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Seasonal range of temperature is considerable, as is rain (ranging from 2″ in the...

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