Respublika Belarus (Republic of Belarus)
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  • Capital: Minsk

  • Population estimate, 2015: 9.50 m.

  • GNI per capita, 2014: (PPP$) 16,676

  • HDI/world rank, 2014: 0.798/50=

  • Internet domain extension: .by

Civil Aviation

The main airport is Minsk National Airport, which handled 2,593,559 passengers in 2014 and 19,900 tonnes of freight. The national carrier is Belavia, which in 2017 operated on domestic routes and also flew to more than 50 international destinations. In 2014 Belavia carried 1,973,000 passengers.


Moderately continental and humid with temperatures averaging 20 °F (−6 °C) in Jan. and 64 °F (18 °C) in July. Annual precipitation is 22–28″ (550–700 mm).

Constitution and Government

A new constitution was adopted on 15 March 1994. It provides for a Presidentwho must be a citizen of at least 35 years of age, have resided for 10 years in Belarus and whose candidacy must be supported by the signatures of 70 deputies or 100,000 electors. At a referendum held on 17 Oct. 2004, 86.2% of votes cast were in favour of the...

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