Vienna (Wien), Austria

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Austria’s capital lies on the Danube in the northeast of the country. For centuries its geographical position at the heart of Europe ensured its importance as an imperial centre and a political powerhouse. Today it remains a major centre and is home to numerous important international organizations.


There is evidence of Paleolithic inhabitation in the area and Illyrians and Celts were also present on the site of the city before the Romans took control of what was then known as Vindobona. The Romans were ousted by Bavarians during the fifth century, who in turn gave way to the Frankish Babenbergs during the twelfth century. It was during this period that the town took advantage of its location on the route of the crusaders and began to prosper as a trading post.

However, Vienna’s greatest period was to be under the rule of the Habsburgs, who took the city in 1278. Habsburg influence, extending into the early part of the twentieth century, saw varying fortunes....

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