Victoria, Canada

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The capital of British Columbia, Victoria is located on the southeastern tip of Vancouver Island, overlooking the Juan de Fuca Strait. Renowned as a seaside city, Victoria’s is known as ‘the City of Gardens’ for its proliferation of public spaces.


The site of the city was originally inhabited by Salish natives with the present city founded in 1843 as Fort Camosun, a fur-trading outpost for the Hudson Bay Company. It was later renamed Fort Victoria.

Native peoples from across the island, attracted by the trading opportunities, settled near the Fort and were soon joined by British pioneers.

The Imperial Government of the Crown Colony of Vancouver Island was established in 1849 and on March 11, 1850, Richard Blanshard assumed office as Governor of the Colony of Vancouver Island. British residents and a complement of sailors from HMS Driver were assembled in front of the fort to hear the newly-arrived Governor read the Royal Commission, appointing him the first...

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