Tel Aviv, Israel

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Cosmopolitan Tel Aviv is a comparatively new city, founded by Zionist settlers and dating from 1909. Located on the Mediterranean coast, it incorporated the ancient neighbouring seaport of Jaffa in 1950. It is now Israel’s main urban and business centre and also home to many of the country’s main cultural attractions.


By the early twentieth century the Jewish quarter of the biblical town of Jaffa was seriously overcrowded. Zionist families moved out to build a European-style suburb, which by the mid-1920s numbered nearly 40,000 inhabitants. Its growth accelerated in the 1930s with the further waves of Jewish immigration from Nazi Germany, and it became the largest city in British-administered Palestine. This expansion continued after the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 and the subsequent incorporation of Jaffa.

Modern City

The commercial heart of Israel, Tel Aviv is home to banks, insurance companies, the stock exchange and around half of Israel’s...

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