Tabora, Tanzania

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Located in the central west region of Tanzania, Tabora (formerly Kazeh) is the capital of the Tabora region.


Tabora developed in the mid-nineteenth century as a centre for the Arab slave trade. At its height, some half a million caravans passed through the city each year. Control of the city went to the Nyamwezi tribe in 1876 before it came under German and then British rule. Since independence Tabora has retained importance as an agricultural centre.

Modern City

There is an airport for local flights and rail connections to Kigoma and Mwanza. Buses run to Dodoma but road connections are generally poor.

Main produces include vegetables, cotton, tobacco and cassava.

Places of Interest

The fort, or Boma, was built by the Germans and stands to the southeast, overlooking the city.

Kwihara museum, located 10 km from the town, contains artifacts belonging to the famous nineteenth century missionary and explorer, Dr Livingstone, who lived there briefly before making his last journey in 1872.

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