St Louis, United States of America

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A large city in eastern Missouri, St Louis is to the south of the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers on a rolling plateau. At the heart of a large metropolitan area that includes ten counties in Missouri and Illinois, St Louis is a major business and commercial centre as well as the birthplace of T.S. Eliot and Chuck Berry.


Settlement of the site now occupied by St Louis began in 1764 with the arrival of French fur trader Pierre Laclede. A village was constructed in the area a year later and named St Louis after King Louis IX of France. The Spanish took control of the area in 1770 before it retuned to French hands and subsequently became part of the United Sates after the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.

The arrival of large numbers of immigrants from Germany and Ireland augmented the largely French population and St Louis became a crucial gateway for settlers and traders heading west on wagon trails. The arrival of steamboats and the railroads further...

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