Seville (Sevilla), Spain

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The capital of Andalusia and the fourth largest city in Spain, Seville is an inland port on the Guadalquivir River located near the southern coast. It is 86 km from the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of succeeding Moorish kingdoms, Seville flourished as the main merchant city during Spain’s golden age from 1492.


After the second Punic War, Seville was taken by the Romans who named it Hispalis. The town became the administrative centre of Hispania Ulterior. Later known as Baetica, the region covered what is now Andalusia. It was then conquered by the Silingi Vandals in early fifth century, by the Visigoths in 461 and by the Moors in 711 who named the town Ishbiliya.

Seville prospered under Moorish rule as a port on the only navigable river in Spain. It was made the capital of the Almoravid kingdom in 1091 and subsequently the Almohad capital in 1147. A large mosque was then constructed upon which the present cathedral stands. The city was reclaimed by the Spaniards in...

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