San Francisco, United States of America

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San Francisco is one of the most picturesque and liberal-minded of American cities. Occupying an area of 48 sq. miles and located on a series of steep hills, the city is the seat of San Francisco County and is located on the western coast of California at the entrance of one of the world’s most famous natural harbours. To the north San Francisco is bordered by the Golden Gate strait, to the east it is bordered by San Francisco Bay and to the south is San Bruno mountain. The city’s boundary also extends to the west to include the Farallon Islands which lie 32 miles into the Pacific Ocean.


The first settlements in the area now known as San Francisco were a series of villages populated by Native Americans known as Ohlone. By 1776 the Spanish, who had occupied much of the west coast of America, had established several missionary outposts, including the Mission Dolores, and named the area after Saint Francis of Assisi. Small towns were set up in an attempt to attract...

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