San Antonio, United States of America

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San Antonio is in south-central Texas on the San Antonio River and is the seat of Bexar county. One of the largest cities in the state, it has strong Mexican and Spanish influences. The city is known as the ‘birthplace of the revolution’, a reference to the famous Battle of the Alamo in 1836.


The area now known as San Antonio was inhabited by Coahuiltecan Indians before it was first settled by Spanish missionaries in 1691. In 1718 a Spanish military garrison was established and the area became a stopping point on the way to French trading posts in Louisiana. In 1731, a town was established near the Spanish Mission and the area was named San Antonio de Béjar.

San Antonio became the seat of the Spanish government in Texas. In 1821 Stephen F. Austin was granted a permit allowing 300 Anglo-American families to settle in the city. The Battle of the Alamo occurred in 1836 when a Mexican force led by Major General Santa Anna defeated a band of volunteer fighters at the...

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