Phoenix, United States of America

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Phoenix is the eighth largest city in the United States and the largest in Arizona, as well as the state capital and the seat of Maricopa County. Located in the south of the state along Slat River in a valley surrounded by mountains, Phoenix is roughly equidistant between Los Angeles, California and El Paso, Texas and occupies an area of 420 sq. miles (1,088 km2).


Native Americans (known as Hohokams) lived in the Salt River Valley where modern day Phoenix now stands as long ago as AD 1300 and developed the area’s first irrigation canals. The area was re-settled in the 1860s after Jack Swilling visited the valley and discovered the irrigation system left by the Hohokams and founded his own irrigation company and village.

The name Phoenix was given to the new settlement in recognition of the fact that the new settlement had risen from the ashes of the previous Native American settlement. Phoenix became the seat of Arizona’s territorial government in 1889 and the...

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