Palikir, Micronesia

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Palikir, Micronesia’s capital city, is in the Palikir Valley on Pohnpei, the largest island in the Federated States.


Palikir succeeded Kolonia as national capital in 1989. Kolonia remains the state capital of Pohnpei and the main commercial centre. However, all major government institutions have moved to Palikir.

Modern City

The chief employers are the government and the tourist industry. Fishing and agriculture is important in the surrounding region.

The airport (with links to Honolulu, Guam and other Micronesian airports) and most hotel accommodation is in Kolonia.

Places of Interest

Pohnpei’s principal attraction is its natural environment, encompassing freshwater pools and waterfalls, a startling coastline and coral reefs, rainforest and the 700-year-old city of Nan Madol, known as the Venice of the Pacific. Diving, trekking and boat trips to nearby atolls are popular.

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