Osh, Kyrgyzstan

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Capital of the Osh region in southern Kyrgyzstan, Osh was once an important silk trading town. In recent years it has been at the centre of Uzbek–Kyrgyz tensions.


Archaeological finds suggest the area was inhabited 3,000 years ago. Appearing in written records of the ninth century, Osh was razed by Mongol invaders in the thirteenth century. Having been rebuilt, it was a major point on the Silk Road by the fifteenth century. In 1990 it witnessed violent disturbances between Uzbeks and Kyrgyzs.

Modern City

The city has old and new sections and is a terminus on the Osh–Khorugh road. Buses run in the area. Silk and cotton remain vital to the local economy, while food processing is also important. Cotton, tobacco and food crops are cultivated in the surrounding are.

Places of Interest

There is a museum, theatre, botanical garden and bazaar. Nearby is Suleiman mountain, a Muslim pilgrimage point, with mosques and a museum built into the mountain. Many travellers use Osh...

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