New York, United States of America

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Located on the Eastern Atlantic coast of the United States at the mouth of the Hudson river, New York, affectionately referred to as the ‘Big Apple’, covers an area of 301 sq. miles. Home to 8,175,133 people in 2010, the city is made up of five boroughs: Staten Island and Manhattan are self-contained while Brooklyn and Queens are on the west of Long Island. The Bronx is the only borough with a land connection to the state mainland.


The earliest European explorations of the area now known as New York City are thought to have been made by the Florentine explorer Giovanni da Verrazano who landed on Staten Island in 1524. However the city began to take shape as a series of Dutch settlements. In 1624 a town named Fort Amsterdam (later renamed New Amsterdam) was established in Manhattan. Peter Minuit, who founded the town, was said to have bought the island for around $24 worth of goods.

The English seized the colony in 1664 when it was renamed New York after the Duke of...

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