Moroni, Comoros

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Moroni is the capital city of Comoros. It is a port city on Ngazidja, the largest island of the archipelago.


While the area around Moroni may have been settled earlier, its development began in the fifteenth century with the arrival of Shirazi royal clans from Persia. They dominated the island until French occupation in the nineteenth century. Moroni became Comoros’ administrative capital in 1958, succeeding Dzaoudzi (on the island of Mayotte). It became capital of independent Comoros in 1975.

Modern City

Moroni houses the presidential residence and government ministries. The local economy is reliant upon port activities. Other important industries include food and drink processing and building materials.

There is an international airport, Iconi, and road links to other major towns on the island.

Places of Interest

The city has an old quarter, the medina, with narrow streets and buildings which reflect Moroni’s Arab origins. The CNDRS (Centre National de Documentation et de Recherches Scientifiques) houses a museum, library and information centre. The museum’s exhibits include ninth century pottery and ancient Korans. The Alliance Franco-Comorienne hosts cultural shows and theatrical performances. A new mosque with a capacity of 6,000 people was inaugurated in July 1998.

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