Malmö, Sweden

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Malmö is in the southern province of Skåne. It is the country’s third largest city and the commercial hub of southern Sweden. Malmö is linked to Copenhagen in Denmark via the Öresund Bridge, which was built in 2000. The city is famous for its numerous parks which provide a venue for summer festivals and other open-air events.


The name Malmö is a derivative of Malmhauger or ‘sand heaps’, and the original settlement was created by farmers and fisherman. The city itself was founded in 1275. For centuries afterwards the local economy survived by exporting salt herring to Catholic Europe. The city was occupied by the Danes and the German Hansa, but in 1658 it was formally ceded to Sweden. This was to prove detrimental to the city’s prosperity since it was forced to surrender the trading privileges it had enjoyed under Danish rule. Its port was also dilapidated in the wake of successive conflicts. Population declined dramatically and only began to recover in the mid...

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