Ljubljana, Slovenia

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The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana, in the west of the country close to the confluence of the rivers Ljubljanica and Sava. Designated a capital in 1990, it is small compared to most other European capitals. Devastated by an earthquake in 1895, in which much of its finest Baroque architecture disappeared, it was rebuilt during the twentieth century. Many of its key buildings were designed or reconstructed by Slovenia’s greatest architect, Jože Plečnik.


There is evidence of human habitation on the city site around 3000 BC but it was a base for Illyrian and Celtic tribes. Under Roman domination from the first to sixth centuries AD, a provincial capital called Emona was built. This was destroyed by Hun incursions during the fifth century. Recovery began with Slav colonization in the sixth century.

Ljubljana first appeared in written history in 1144 and by the thirteenth century it was the capital of the Carniola province. Coming under Habsburg jurisdiction in the...

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