Lahore, Pakistan

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Lahore is the capital of the Punjab region and the second largest city in Pakistan. It lies in the northeast of the country on the Ravi river, very close to the Indian border.


The city’s history has been a bloody one and though little is known about it prior to the Muslim period, Hindu legend states that the city was established by Loh, the son of Rama (a central Hindu deity). Between 1163–86, Lahore was the capital of the Turkish Ghaznavid dynasty, who ruled in northern India, Afghanistan and parts of Iran. In 1241, a Mongol army became the first of many to attack the city. It wasn’t until Timur (Tamburlaine) of the Turkicized Barlas tribe, a Mongol sub-group, captured Lahore in 1398 that other Mongol armies stopped returning. Then in 1524, Babur, a founder of the Mughal dynasty and descendent of Gengis Khan took control. It was during the period of Mughal rule that Lahore grew wealthy and expanded. Between 1584–98 it was the Mughal emperor, Akbar’s capital. Akbar...

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