Koror, Palau

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Koror, on Koror Island in the Caroline Islands, is Palau’s capital city and main commercial and tourism centre.


Created by raised coral-limestone and volcanic rock, Koror passed from Spanish to German hands and was a bustling town under Japanese rule between 1921 and 1944. It suffered extensive damage during World War II, after which it came under UN jurisdiction and developed its commercial and tourist sectors. It has been capital of autonomous Palau since 1981. A new capital is being planned in Babelthuap, the larger island northeast of Koror.

Modern City

Major industries include Copra production and processing and tourism. Airai airport is close to the centre and a road connects Koror with Malakal Island, which has a major port.

Places of Interest

Leading attractions include the Belau national museum and the Micronesia Mariculture Demonstration Center on Malakal Island.

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