Kampala, Uganda

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Kampala is in southern Uganda to the north of Lake Victoria. It is the country’s largest city as well as its administrative and commercial hub.


Originally a small settlement to the north of Mengo, the city is the former capital of what was once Buganda. Captain Frederick Lugard founded it as an outpost of the British East Africa Company in 1890. Kampala rapidly became the administrative headquarters of Uganda, but in 1905 the headquarters moved to Entebbe, and Kampala declined. When Uganda gained internal self-government in 1962 Kampala was proclaimed the national capital. The city suffered greatly under the rule of Idi Amin, and again in the 1980s when the struggle for control of the country was often violent. Since the 1990s the city has enjoyed substantial improvements in its economy and infrastructure.

Modern City

Kampala is constructed over seven hills and the city centre is on Nakasero hill. It accommodates international organizations, embassies, expensive...

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