Incheon, South Korea

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Incheon, a port on the Yellow Sea in the west of the country, is Korea’s fourth largest city. The addition of a massive international airport has consolidated its role as a regional transport hub.


There is evidence of human habitation in the area during the Kochosun Period (2333 BC–108 BC). In the following centuries the city fell to numerous dynastic rulers who greatly expanded its borders. In the nineteenth century Incheon felt the repercussions of the Pyonginyango (when France invaded the country in 1866) and the Sinmiyangyo (a battle between the US navy and Korean troops in 1877). Treaties of friendship signed with the major Western powers during the 1880s boosted international trade and kickstarted the growth of Incheon Port, opened in 1883.

Incheon was named in 1949. The following year it was the scene of General MacArthur’s landing during the Korean War.

Modern City

Incheon has a highly diversified economy. The service and transport industries are major...

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