Honiara, Solomon Islands

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Honiara, on the River Mataniko in the north of Guadalcanal island, is capital of the Solomon Islands.


Occupied by the Japanese in World War II, Guadalcanal was the scene of a bloody battle when US troops tried to re-take it in 1942. They eventually succeeded a year later. Honiara was developed from scratch after World War II around the sight of the US military base. It replaced Tulagi as capital city in 1952.

In 1999 and 2000 there was ethnic fighting in Honiari and the surrounding jungle.

Modern City

Honiara has a busy port and is 16 km from Henderson Airfield international airport. Pont Cruz is the city’s transport hub. Major exports include wood, fish, coconut and gold.

Places of Interest

Tourist attractions include the Parliament building, the national museum, a botanical garden and Chinatown. Water Pump Village is not far from the city centre. Diving is a popular pastime and there are numerous World War II sightseeing tours.

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