Guadalajara, Mexico

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Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico after Mexico City. The capital of the state of Jalisco, Guadalajara is situated to the west of the centre of Mexico at an altitude of 1,650 m with the Mexican high plateau and the Rio Grande de Santiago to its northeast. The surrounding region is covered by green and mountainous terrain.


In pre-Colombian times, the area that is now the State of Jalisco was inhabited by Huichol, Otomi, Nahua, Cora, Coyutec and Tepehua Indians until the arrival of the Conquistadors. The city was founded by Nuño Beltran de Guzmán, who named it after his hometown in Spain. Originally the capital of the state of New Galicia, also created by Guzmán, it was moved four times before it came to reside in its current location on 14 Feb. 1542. Infamously known as ‘Bloody Guzmán’, the Spaniard’s ruthless colonization of the area eradicated nearly all the indigenous population and only a very small number survive today. As a consequence of this...

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