Glasgow (Glas Cu), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the regional capital of Strathclyde. It is located on the River Clyde in the southwest of Scotland. Long reliant on commerce and heavy industry, the city underwent a renaissance during the 1980s and experienced large-scale regeneration.


There is archaeological evidence of a prehistoric settlement on the site of Glasgow and Stone Age canoes found near the River Clyde point to the existence of fishing communities. Towards the end of the first century AD the Romans had established a trading post on the site of the modern city. St Kentigern, better known as St Mungo (‘Dear One’) arrived in the area in the sixth century and founded a religious community. The church that St Mungo built was destroyed in the wars that swept the country in the years after his death. The cathedral that stands on the site of St Mungo’s church dates from the twelfth century.

During the early twelfth century Glasgow became an episcopal see and was...

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