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2017 Edition
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Freire’s Christian Faith

  • Jacob W. Neumann
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Paulo Freire was one of the most well-known educators in the world. Elements of his work have been incorporated into fields as diverse as nursing, social work, and business management. Much of the attention given to Freire’s work has focused on the Marxist elements within his analysis of education and society. What receives far less attention, however, is the fact that Paulo Freire was a Christian. Freire’s religious beliefs seem to have influenced much of his theory and practice. Indeed, one writer claimed that “those of us who espouse critical pedagogy and embrace Paulo Freire’s visions of praxis and conscientization work out of a tradition, often unknowingly, with deep ties to religious faith” (Stenberg 2006, p. 271). Freire’s faith is easy to miss, even though numerous articles have been written about it. He seldom used words such as faith, religion, and spirituality and used the words Jesus, God, and Creator...
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