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2017 Edition
| Editors: Michael A. Peters

Conscientization, Conscience, and Education

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Freire’s conscientization has offered not only the language of critique but also the language of possibility. This entry investigates what it would mean to incorporate the cultivation of conscience into conscientization. It focuses on exploring the concept of conscientization and its development, the concept of conscience and its cultivation, and the incorporation of the cultivation of conscience into conscientization. It concludes with a number of concerns of how to apply conscientization with its new light in today’s educational settings.

Conscientization and Its Development

The original word for conscientization is conscientizacao in Portuguese; its essential elements are well elucidated in Freire’s two essays in Harvard Educational Review in 1970: “Cultural Action and Conscientization” and “The Literacy Process as Cultural Action for Freedom” or the book, Education for Critical Consciousnessfirst published in 1973. At the beginning, conscientization referred to the...

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