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Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory

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Anti-colonial Education

  • George J. Sefa DeiAffiliated withNana Adusei Sefa Tweneboah I, Social Justice Education, OISE, University of Toronto Email author 


Contemporary schooling and education must confront some important questions: How can educators assist learners to reimagine new futures where human lives are transformed in profound, productive, and meaningful ways? How do we begin to talk of critical anti-colonial subjects who would embark on a collective and radical imagining and imagination of new futures? How do we reimagine the school space from an institution that teaches normalized values to one that interrogates histories and addresses inequity? The politics of futurity requires that we bring a critical anti-colonial gaze to schooling and education and the possibilities for producing creative and resisting subjects for change; meaning we must interrogate teaching, learning, and the administration of education not only for their contributions to social success for all learners but also how educational sites make possible a new future. Under the idea of futurity, what becomes possible is a realization the coloniality ...

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