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Alchemy of Love an Artist Praxis to Autonomy and Political Visibility

  • Sylvia RichardsonAffiliated withArts Education, Simon Fraser University Email author 


Love; Reciprocity; Somatic knowing and intentional co-creation


Either the world is so tiny or we are so enormous; in either case we fill it completely…. (Kafka quoted in Buber-Neumann 1989/1988, p. 56)

Love is an alchemic process that expands and evolves our wisdom through a mastery of awareness, attention, and intention that is single-minded in focus. I believe it is impossible to be in love and be in fear at the same time. Love opens our Imagination, is a gate to possibilities; what we believe is possible, we can create. All stories reflect the storyteller and where they are in their lives.

The truth is not in the story. The truth is in the power that creates the story.… When the voice of knowledge becomes the voice of integrity, you return to the truth, you return to love. (Ruiz 2004, p. 228)

What is love? “Love is a quest for truth” (Badiou and Truong 2012, p. 22); it forms and informs my epistemology, ontology, axiology and methodology of how I come to know my worl ...

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