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Educational Technology (II)

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“Educational technology” refers to a field of study and practice that is conventionally conceived in light of its two constituent words. First, it is concerned with the educational applications of technologies and not the myriad uses of technologies in modern society. Second, it examines those aspects of education that are crucially dependent on (usually new) technologies.

This conventional conception tends to lead along a path focusing on techniques: Research studies compare learning through the use of some new tool versus learning in a traditional way. Cost/benefit analyses are done to measure overall value of the new tools. Training in the use of new technologies is advocated as necessary and sufficient for educational reform. Not surprisingly, behaviorist models of learning have provided the conceptual framework for much of this work; more recently these have yielded somewhat to cognitive or constructivist models but often still with an embrace of techneover reflection or...


  • Technology Education
  • Specific Sociohistorical Context
  • Sociohistorical Theory
  • Focal Path
  • Including Lesson Plans

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