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Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory

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Argument Mapping Software: Semiotic Foundations

  • Michael H.G. HoffmannAffiliated withGeorgia Institute of Technology Email author 


Computer-supported argument visualization; CSAV; Diagrammatic reasoning; E-learning; Graphic representation; Logic; Normativity; Peirce; Rationality; Software


The abilities to argue, to evaluate the quality of argumentative reasoning, and to structure reasoning by means of arguments, all these argument-related skills are crucial not only for the scientific mind but for everybody who strives for a self-determined life without external manipulation, for competent decision making about important matters of life, for self-confident interaction with others, and for participation in public deliberation. Reacting to the need to teach the skills of argument, researchers in the areas of education, philosophy, and computer science developed over the last decades a large number of software tools known as “argument mapping software” or “computer-supported argument visualization” (CSAV) tools.

Based on the fact that any argument needs to be represented in one way or another, and g ...

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