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Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory

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Openness and Power

  • Richard HallAffiliated withDirectorate of Library and Learning Services, De Montfort University Email author 


The politics of open education; The politics of openness; The political economy of open education; The political economy of openness; Agency, authority and open education; Agency, authority and openness


Openness as a set of practices has received less attention from practitioners and researchers than the specifics of producing and distributing open educational resources (OERs) or engaging in open education through innovations like massive online open courses (MOOCs). As a result, openness as a philosophical position and its relationships to power inside and outside formal educational contexts has also remained relatively undeveloped to date. However, it is possible to identify key arguments that enable the relationship between openness and power to be framed.
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    Who defines openness, and what remains open or closed, inside and outside formal educational contexts? This includes the relations of power between transnational bodies, state agencies, education providers, cor ...

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