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Buber, Martin (1878–1965)

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Martin Buber (1878–1965), the well-known Jewish philosopher and theologian, is considered to be one of the greatest thinkers on education of the twentieth century. He was born in Vienna to an Orthodox Jewish family and spent most of his early life with his grandfather, who was a prominent scholar of Midrash (Rabbinic dialogue with the Torah, the Old Testament), in Lvov, the capital city of Galicia (today’s Ukraine). He was awarded a doctorate by the University of Vienna in 1904, for a thesis on Christian mysticism during the Renaissance and Reformation, and worked at the University of Frankfurt until 1933. He resigned from his position when the Nazis came into power and all Jews were excluded from teaching or studying in mainstream educational system, becoming involved in various educational ventures supporting the Jewish community in Germany. In 1938 he left Germany and settled in Palestine, becoming Professor of Social Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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