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Georgia Centenarian Study

  • Leonard W. PoonEmail author
  • Peter Martin
  • Mary Ann Johnson
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This entry outlines the goals, methods, procedures, and results of the Georgia Centenarian Study, an NIH-funded study of the oldest old 1988–2009.

Phase 1 (1988–1992) was a cross-sectional study. Names of community-dwelling centenarians who had to be cognitively functioning were obtained from voter registration lists. Additional participants were recruited through media, area agencies of aging, and church contacts. The two younger groups (i.e., octogenarians and sexagenarians) were recruited by random digit dialing by the Survey Research Institute at the University of Georgia. Altogether, we recruited 38 male and 53 female sexagenarians, 31 male and 62 female octogenarians, and 35 male and 137 female centenarians, for a total of 321 study participants. The majority of the participants were Caucasian (72.3 %), but a sizeable number were African American (27.7 %). The race and gender distributions of the...


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