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Second-Generation Biofuels Toward Environmental Sustainability

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Anaerobic digestion; Bioethanol; Conversion technologies; Environmental sustainability; Pre-treatment methods


Second-generation biofuels refer to energy harvested mainly from non-food crops including agricultural residues, forest residues, and solid wastes for achieving circular economy.


Energy security for future sustainability is the prime driver behind the growth of biofuels. Fossil fuels contribute not only climate change but also exhaust natural resources (Guo et al. 2015). Accordingly, the production of biofuels from biomass has gained much attention due to their potential to reduce CO2 emissions (greenhouse gas, GHG) and been considered as a promising alternative to fossil fuels (Fivga et al. 2019). Biofuels are generally lumped into first-, second-, and third-generation biofuels. First-generation biofuels are generally produced from feedstocks that are simultaneously used as food. Although first-generation biofuels have the potential to reduce...

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